My mission is to empower architects, designers and creatives to share their truth.

For an empowered future of our profession and conscious environments.

As a 3-year old child I would sit in the back seat of my parents’ car and gaze up at the stars. I just could not comprehend what this thing called life was all about. My imagination had always been vivid, and so my earliest childhood dream was to become an opera singer, then an architect, a hairdresser, an Industrial Designer and eventually an architect again. During my Architecture studies at the Technical University of Vienna/Austria, it was clear to me that I wanted to become an architect, namely to design and construct buildings. For my Master’s degree, I have always aimed to study abroad, and so a dream came true when I got admitted to Delft University of Technology in Holland. Little did I know that this was just another beginning of a big long journey.

Over the next years I experienced a great expansion in my mind.

Being immersed in such an international and creative study environment broadened my personal interests and perception of what Architecture can be and do. I no longer wanted to become an architect in the traditional sense of constructing buildings, but instead explore and expand the peripheries of the profession and carve out new kinds of engagement. The problem?

I was interested in too many things; such as Architecture, Activism, Storytelling, Exhibition Curation, Graphic Design, Film, Events, Music, Writing, Public Speaking, Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Personal Growth and Human Potential.

I had no idea how to combine all of my interests and passions into one life time, and I really did not want to sacrifice any of them. I had made it a habit to carry a Passion Journal around with me where I would draw possible connections in order to come to a conclusion. Powerful things happen when you write them down on paper, and so when one day I visualized what I wanted my future to look like, this came up:

WASDNTY: What Architecture School Does Not Teach You

Upon closer examination, I realized that I had finally manifested all that is me into one project. After I graduated with a MSc. in Architecture, I reached a turning point in my life. It was born of the realization that I had always been keeping my true self on the inside and been trying to meet criteria of friends, family, culture - but never my very own. I woke up and decided to live my truth. Making this commitment with the universe suddenly started to shift things in my favour. I moved to Melbourne/Australia and what once started as a hobby, turned into my calling.

What is truth?

Essentially, the truth is who you are. Not who you think you are, but who you really are deep down - without social conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. The truth is that you have an incredible gift within you - your inner light - that wants to shine into the world. It is already in you, but the question is: Will you have the courage to let it out?

The 4th Industrial Revolution is on its way: We are entering an era of fundamental change in the way we humans live, work, build and use our natural resources. This poses an immense opportunity to turn towards a more human-centered, multi-disciplinary, open and inclusive Architecture industry. Slowly but surely we are heading towards a shift in consciousness that is not merely caused by technology-driven change, but a deeper human yearning for more. It is rooted in the recognition that our global challenges cannot be tackled as divided species, but as a union. The only constant in the universe is change - and so this era poses a turning point in history where we are asked to step into our innate ability to adapt and become active drivers of it. For this, we need to re-connect with ourselves first and return to truth. When you stand in your truth, you know exactly how and where to contribute to the big global puzzle with your innate strengths and passions.

If each one of us architects shared their truth with the world, can you imagine all the fulfilled people and beautiful conscious environments?